Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Throughout the current coronavirus crisis, ReachAcross will be continuing to share the Gospel with Muslims across the world.  The vast majority of our missionaries are continuing to stay and serve among their local Muslim communities in countries across North Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and elsewhere. Where for any reason missionaries have had to relocate, they are finding ways to reach Muslims in their new locations.

Our missionaries are courageously standing firm in their commitment to reach those who as yet do not know Christ. 

We are asking our supporters to stand firmly with them, by continuing to pray for them, and generously giving towards their needs. We are enormously grateful for your partnership in the Gospel.

ReachAcross is an international mission agency which is dedicated to helping Muslims follow Jesus. We are passionate about bringing the Word of God and the practical love of Jesus to unreached Muslims, no matter how difficult or inaccessible they may be.

Based in Brisbane, we are a growing team that seeks to reach our local community, state, and nation here in Australia. With a head office in Sydney, we coordinate grassroots engagement and local outreach to engage and reach Muslims within our community.

Our main focus in Brisbane is to reach those coming from a refugee and migrant background, as our local context and base provide an opportunity to do so in partnership with the local church, as well as the support of other mission agencies and Christian organizations in the area.

We do so by identifying key challenges facing those in need, and providing a support system of care, compassion and consideration through opportunities to serve, gain experience, and also connections to local services and assistance using available resources and partnerships.

We hope you will consider joining us!