Is Mission For Me?

Brisbane-Based Opportunities

In our Brisbane office, there are many opportunities to serve and be a part of reaching the local community, especially in various roles. Currently, there are upcoming vacancies that we are looking to fill on an as-needed basis.

There are various types of opportunities that are on offer for people who wish to contribute their time and skills on a voluntary basis, including: 

Cross-Cultural Training

Here in Brisbane, we are currently partnering with several local Christian nonprofit organisations to provide a tailored opportunity for new candidates and volunteers, especially focusing on young people and their engagement within the community.

English Classes

For many refugees and migrants within the community, English is not their first language; so we aim to provide a way for them to learn English in an informal, conversational format through the classes provided locally.

Image by Trung Thanh

Annual Events Coordination and Engagement

From time to time, we often hold major events, such as our annual fundraising dinner, and require volunteers to assist with planning, coordination, logistics, general setup and management of the events we run, so we welcome volunteers to help in any way they can.

In regards to specific roles that you would be able to volunteer for, these may include:

  • Cultural Officer

  • Partnerships Officer

  • Accountant/Finance Officer

  • Engagement Officer

  • Human Resources Officer

If you would like to pursue these opportunities further, or if you would like to contribute your skills in some other role, please click here to find out more.

Image by Marcin Nowak

International Opportunities


he Ministry Assist Program (M.A.P) is a great way of learning about Muslim communities and being able to experience the culture first-hand before making the move to serve overseas. Based in our Birmingham office in the UK, you will be able to:

  • Oversee children in a childcare facility 

  • Teach English within refugees and migrant communities

  • Participate in community dinners

  • Lead youth group and Bible studies

  • Work with local churches and community partners in the local area

ReachAcross Brisbane is in the process of establishing this initiative as a pathway to further engagement within the UK, so if you are interested in participating in MAP, please click here for further information and details on the ReachAcross UK website.