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A Better Day

For most of us, Easter is a time to reflect, to reminisce, and to be reminded of the gift of sacrifice. However, for some, it is a time of somber significance, and a time to realise the importance of loss.

At ReachAcross here in Brisbane, we are gearing up for our first Easter Convention for the year, which is set to be an exciting time, not just for our mission, but also for many who have been unable to meet and connect in-person due to the pandemic beginning last year.

We also recall just twelve months ago when it was impossible to celebrate together the meaning and purpose of the Easter season. It seems somewhat surreal that the significance of the season is different when remembered in isolation.

Nevertheless, we reflect on the gracious gift of life, in its many expressions, joys and sorrows; for this is a moment in time when change takes on a whole new meaning; where transformation becomes literal, and where a new and brighter day is always something on the horizon.

For us, Easter represents a better day - and one that we can celebrate together, eternally.

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