• Joseph F. Kolapudi

A New Chapter

Have you ever started a new season of life, only to find yourself reflecting on the past? It is common knowledge that hindsight can be highly beneficial, but also can be your worst enemy if you let the past haunt you.

Beginning the latter half of the year almost makes me want to look in the “rear view mirror” of life, just to get a glimpse into how fast time seems to have flown by; but there is a part of me that eagerly is looking forward to what’s next.

There’s a story in Scripture about a man named Lot, who had two daughters, and eventually moved his home to a different city with a culture totally opposite to what he had always known. He realised, a little too late, of the dangers of living in the city, and was warned to escape. Of course, he hesitated when realising that he had to leave his entire livelihood behind, and who wouldn’t? But knowing his life hung in the balance, he fled, knowing not what was behind him, but only what was before.

But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.”

- Genesis 19:26

Sadly, not all of us are on the same path, for it is when we regret what we leave behind, we end up being stuck there.

Perhaps it is a sobering reminder that we must focus on the next chapter God is leading us into, not on what is left behind.

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