• Joseph F. Kolapudi

Alleviating Pain

Pain can be a problem that many wish to disappear into oblivion; but it is this very issue that brings a different perspective on the way life works. For some, pain is a constant distraction to be endured, but others see pain as a pathway to something better.

I once read about a missionary to India who was not a native, and in his own words, hated seeing people in pain. Eventually, however, he ended up becoming a medical doctor and began a lifelong pursuit of finding a way to alleviate the ravaging disease of leprosy. After stumbling on a way to treat and reduce the effects of pain associated with it, he stated the following conclusion: “Pain is a priceless essential gift – of that I have no doubt. And yet only by learning to master pain can we keep it from mastering us” - Paul Brand.

For many, this can be a bitter pill to swallow. As much as we try to avoid pain, it is an inevitable part of our existence, and something that every individual on the planet will be forced to face at some point in their lives.

When we think of pain, especially in light of the current COVID-19 crisis affecting every country on the globe, we tend to become overwhelmed, just at the thought of it. Life comes with moments that we may not be able to bear, but it is in those moments we should look to God, who provides patience in times of struggle, and the ability to overcome pain and learn to live with it.

Perhaps it is time we take into perspective that without pain, there is no indicator of life.

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