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Becoming Content

In our day and age, when it is so easy to become discontent, where do we find true satisfaction?

This is a question that our generation often asks, but the answer seems to be quite elusive or, at the very least, unsatisfactory.

At our ReachAcross office, when things couldn’t be more hectic, we often have to check-in with ourselves and find the answers to the hard questions; such as our reach, our impact, and our connectedness to our community.

When COVID-19 hit early last year, we were in a position beyond our control, and being content was not something that we could consider in the midst of a global pandemic. But in isolation, it was a reality that we were faced with, an inescapable thought that had to be addressed.

At the point of introspection, I also had to pause and find an answer to my own questions around contentment.

In our world, contentment might seem like a dream or goal that is worth pursuing, but never fully realising. But in Scripture, is it quite clear that there is a way to find contentment outside of our present reality, because:

But godliness with contentment is great gain” - 1st Timothy 6:6

For those of us who are willing to accept it, contentment is a choice that is provided by God.

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