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Blessings in Season

Fresh beginnings are always a welcome start to a new phase of life, and we tend to welcome such changes with open arms. Whether it is a new season, such as the one we are experiencing now with the beginning of autumn, or a different perspective, we appreciate when things “turn a new leaf”, as it were. It is both a refreshing reminder of the gift of life, and a surprising welcome to the dawn of a new day.

Yet sometimes, when things aren’t exactly turning out as we planned, or there are challenges that come our way that seem unexpected, or even when a disaster occurs that we wished had not occured at all, we dread the day and wish it never came.

Sometimes, these challenges can be a blessing in disguise.

Our team at ReachAcross is currently expanding, we are hecticly planning for several events and engagements in the leadup to Easter, and are enjoying new opportunities with our local partners within our ever-expanding community. But in the midst of this, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Do we accept these changes as blessings, or burdens? And what is our response meant to be in the middle of what seems like a new season, especially things are beginning to kick into full swing.

For many, change is unexpected, but we invite you to see every opportunity as a blessing in season.

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