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Changing Times

Our world today is in a state of unpredictability. People within communities unable to cope with societal pressures, organisations and countries isolated and lacking connection; and even the church has experienced its fair share of challenges.

However, the ability to build relationships has not been lost. Despite distance, barriers and other hurdles that have been thrust in our way so far in 2021, relationships are ones that can be forged even in the toughest of circumstances.

At ReachAcross here in Brisbane, we have been identifying new and innovative ways to do just that. Thankfully, with the ability to connect using the internet, as well as a growing interest in our work, we are looking forward to now hosting cross-cultural initiatives in-person.

This year, however, we have decided to adapt our approach considering the changing times. We will be offering a hybrid option for our jointly-run, Cross-Cultural Training Day, in new locations and with a new format. Typically, we often have a sponsored hosts or a traditional training format, but this year, we will be inviting experienced leaders, trainers, and those from diverse backgrounds to share their stories, testimonies and insight into how we can better engage with our community.

Furthermore, these trainings will be taking place more often, and will also be open invitations for those both inside and outside the church to participate. At ReachAcross, we are constantly seeking ways to be more intentional about providing a platform for engagement. We believe that with young people co-leading our trainings, this will offer exciting opportunities to lead the discussion and share their thoughts and ideas in a new way.

Though times are changing, we remain connected regardless.

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