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Connecting With Youth

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

As many young people across Australia have found it difficult during these restricting times of COVID-19 to connect with friends, family and the wider community, it has become both a challenge and opportunity that ReachAcross Brisbane has embraced with open arms.

We were recently able to speak to a number of young people at a conference held on the Gold Coast this past weekend, and we were delighted to see many attend in-person, as well as other young people from interstate and international locations online. The conference, hosted by a local church in collaboration with Christianity Today Australia, was an opportunity to build connections with a younger demographic, many of whom were quite eager to hear about the work of ReachAcross Brisbane at a local, face-to-face gathering.

As we presented about ReachAcross Brisbane and the work we have been focusing on over the past nine months so far this year, we were able to engage and interact with many young people for the first time, especially to answer questions and queries about local mission engagement, our focus on migrant and refugee youth, as well as our connection to the local community; and we hope to be able to do a similar in-person engagement in a week’s time at another upcoming missions conference.

For many youth, the opportunities to lead in their respective professions and vocational engagements have been difficult, and equally compounded by the uncertainty about the future. As leadership in ministry was a recurring theme during our presentation, we were able to personally connect with the young people present and spark conversations of encouragement for those who were looking forward to new possibilities to engage with our work.

Please continue to stay connected with us as we look forward to future opportunities!

From the desk of the Brisbane Manager,

Joseph F. Kolapudi


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