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Cultivating Care

Now, more than ever, our planet is in need of restoration. Looking at the most recent changes and circumstances of history, it is apparent that the world as we now know it has been through ecological, social, spiritual, and economical upheaval, especially considering the earth’s climate.

For many, this causes much consternation about how things were, and the way they are meant to be. Some believe that humanity is the cause for the state of the world as we now know it; while others say that the planet’s changes were inevitable.

At ReachAcross, we believe that we all have a mandate to care for the world. Not only it is something that we know is inherently a responsibility, but it is also something that comes from Scripture; as it says,

Trust in the Lord and do good; live in the land and cultivate faithfulness” - Psalm 37:3

We understand that the world we were given was to care for people, and also to care for the land people live on. This requires a certain level of responsibility and engagement in being intentional about how we care for the earth we live in.

During this time, ReachAcross will be participating in a local cleanup of our city, which will highlight one the ways we will be involved in our community to make a tangible change through our Change for Change initiative.

We will also be using this opportunity to reach out to those within our local church as an extension of our responsibility to engage within our locality and also, as a sustainable way to continue our efforts to care for the planet.

Please join us as we endeavour to cultivate our community with care.

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