• Joseph F. Kolapudi

Expansion Beyond Borders

As we enter into a new month, we at ReachAcross Brisbane are mindful of the changes that are happening in our country, our city, and even in our localities. However, our mission and our focus remain the same; and our passion for the unreached continues.

One of the main ways we are seeking to fulfill our mission is through expansion, and at our location here in Brisbane, this summarises what this year has been like since the beginning of 2020. Through our core team expanding, our increased engagement with partners and projects, as well as our commitment to working with our offices and field locations across the world, we stand in solidarity with our workers and our supporters, wherever they are located here and abroad.

As our focus in recent months has turned to India and the devastating situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, we have been identifying innovative ways of assisting our partners and mobilisers, especially in the North India region, which has been hardest hit.

Our response has been the launch of our India Project, which will be our primary initiative in engaging, equipping, and empowering the local communities which we are partnering with in the state of Bihar, to focus on coordinated efforts, especially amongst women and children in the area. We hope to be able to visit the field early next year to assess the situation and provide ongoing support in the efforts within the region, where we hope to expand to other neighbouring states as the work continues.

For this reason, we will be focusing on fundraising efforts locally here in Brisbane to support the expansion of this emerging project, and hope you will join us in this much-needed initiative as we work together to reach the unreached.

From the desk of the Brisbane Manager,

Joseph F. Kolapudi


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