• Joseph Kolapudi

Hope in Difficult Times

It is now 2021 - and as the New Year has well and truly begun, we find ourselves at a point in time which is seemingly all too familiar. When most people are writing out their resolutions for the year ahead, or making plans and dreaming of new opportunities, things look very different.

However, most of us feel on the verge of hopelessness. With the continuing pandemic, loss of life and a bleak outlook on what is set to be a tumultuous year, it can be easy to give in to fear and despair.

But we have a reason to hope.

Now, more than ever, we have found the ability to persevere despite our circumstances. We at ReachAcross have committed, and are continuing to commit, to serve our community, our nation and our world in the best way we know how. This commitment does not come from our own personal abilities or our present opportunities, but it comes from our faith - that things are not perfect, but we trust that we will move forward on account of hope.

We ask you to join us this year in ensuring that we live out our mission in hope. There are many things that we look forward to; including new pilot training days, convention and mission engagements, as well as our new projects and upcoming youth initiatives in the days to come.

Things may look very different than we once expected, but that’s exactly the reason why we choose hope.

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