• Joseph F. Kolapudi

Introducing our Team

From the beginning of this year, we have been growing both as a team, and also as an organisation. At our office here in Brisbane, our staff and volunteers have been able to come together to expand our vision and our efforts locally.

As a result, our ReachAcross Brisbane team is now made up of staff and volunteers from diverse backgrounds representative of the multicultural communities which we serve. Based in a Christian church community, we are able to engage further within our local area.

Due to the changing environment concerning COVID-19, we have been able to find new and innovative ways to do so in effective ways; including offering online initiatives in response to the needs we have identified from our community. Bringing together our shared talents and skills as a young and growing team, we are passionate and dedicated to reaching our city and our world. We are excited to be able to represent the mission further as we continue to grow and expand.

In the coming months, we will be representing our mission at various conferences, events and engagements, and we hope to be able to meet and connect with you in the weeks and months ahead!

From the desk of the Brisbane Manager,

Joseph F. Kolapudi


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