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Leading by Following

As the season of Easter seems scarcely behind us, I find myself reflecting on the importance of following. In an age where it is easy to aspire to become a leader in your field, in your profession, perhaps even in your family or friend circle, following seems much harder to do.

Yet the message of the cross seems to indicate that following requires sacrifice. Now perhaps many of us have experienced the pain of loss, but sacrifice goes beyond suffering. It comes with a cost.

The intriguing element of following in the way of Christian life is that we actually learn more about leadership by following those who have gone before. Using the example of mentorship; there is always someone in our sphere of influence who is wiser beyond our years, and when these leaders choose to sow into our lives, we reap the rewards, and in so doing, eventually become leaders ourselves.

Following Jesus requires sacrifice, but the wonderful reality is that it doesn’t make us lag behind.

So the last will be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen.” - Matthew 20:16

As followers of the Lord, we can take comfort that we will never come second by putting God first.

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