• Joseph F. Kolapudi

New Horizons

Our current times have ushered in a new reality, especially for mission agencies, both locally and around the world. However, for our team at ReachAcross Brisbane, we have been able to explore new opportunities, and along with these possibilities, the ability to expand to new horizons. As this has led to connecting more within our community, expanding our partnerships, and identifying new ways of moving forward post-pandemic.

As we have continued to grow, we are also aware of the opportunities beyond our borders, especially in countries where we seek to assist and expand our efforts, particularly in India. For this reason, we will be launching our first public event that we’re inviting the community to attend.

The purpose of our upcoming Annual Fundraiser for 2020 is to gather together and reflect on the work of ReachAcross Brisbane thus far; and also to look forward to the future plans of expansion to India via our upcoming project moving into 2021; which is also our theme for the event,

Local Mission, Global Vision. To this end, we welcome our supporters, our partners, and our community to show your support and attend our biggest event for the year.

We are excited to invite you to join with us, and we look forward to connecting with you very soon!

From the desk of the Brisbane Manager,

Joseph F. Kolapudi


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