• Joseph F. Kolapudi

The Final Four

Looking over the last four weeks, there have been so many opportunities; both for our team, and also, within our community. We have just returned two weeks ago from the Mission Matters Conference 2020, where we were able to participate and engage with many young people, especially those with a heart for mission. It has been an encouragement to us, and to our overall vision to reach the younger generation in our work as an agency, but also to see and explore new possibilities.

As we look forward to the next four weeks, we are now in the final stages of our preparation for what is set to be our inaugural fundraising event of the year for 2020. Though we have had to face the challenges of COVID-19, especially with the very real possibility that anything can change in a moment’s notice, we have been able to put together a plan to ensure that our Annual Fundraising Dinner is still able to go ahead as planned.

Our team also will be having the opportunity to share more about our work to many who, for the first time, will be hearing about our mission; and many more, including our partners, supporters and sponsors, who are coming alongside us to speak about how we have been able to work together to reach more people with the good news. Our biggest supporter, being our home church where we have our location, have graciously extended new opportunities to share our work on their stage, which has been a blessing to us all. As it has been a challenging time, it has also been a comfort knowing that our small yet growing team is beginning to have an impact in our city.

We ask you to join us as we look forward to many more blessings to come!

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