• Joseph F. Kolapudi

The Journey Home

As the end of the year is now firmly in sight, it seems almost reminiscent looking back on the events of the past year, especially for our team at ReachAcross Brisbane. Just one year ago, we didn’t have any physical office location, no staff or volunteers, and only a small idea of what the future of the mission could look like. Fast forward twelve months, and we find ourselves on the cusp of what could be a reawakening of the vision of ReachAcross here in Australia.

However, small beginnings are not to be underestimated. It is how many great endeavours often begin. For our team here in Brisbane, we continue to move forward with the understanding and purpose that the mission will continue to grow, with the expectation and blessing of God.

We recently were blessed to have many new organisations, companies and community initiatives join us as sponsors and partners, which has been a welcome surprise to all of us here at ReachAcross Brisbane; and we hope to highlight these at our upcoming fundraiser.

For the year ahead, we know that are many unknowns; with the case of COVID-19, the closed international borders, and the concern for many in India and beyond. But we also know that the potential and possibilities are endless, and we pray that God will make a way for our efforts to continue to have an impact, not only in our local community, but also in the areas beyond our borders.

We hope to continue this journey home with you.

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