• Joseph F. Kolapudi

Worth the Wait

As we look back on the year that was, we at ReachAcross Brisbane find ourselves in a place we didn’t expect. Exactly one month ago to-date, we hosted our inaugural fundraising dinner, which we had been planning for quite some time. It just so happened that we exceeded our own expectations, but not in a way that we planned. As most events like these, there were many things outside of our control.

COVID-19 restrictions, over the past year, had grinded most of our planning to a halt. We were unsure whether we would be able to accommodate our project maximum capacity in our event venue. To make matters more complicated, our fundraising goal seemed all but out of reach.

However, we decided to press on, and we’re glad we did. Thanks to your support, and those who were able to attend on the evening, we had a wonderful response, and many who heard about the work of our mission for the first time remarked that it had left an impression.

But the event was not the end.

We realised that the goal was in sight, but we had a long way to go. In the last few weeks, I have been amazed at the many people from here in Australia, and even around the world, who have heard about our efforts and have contributed to our cause, despite never meeting us in person.

To this end, we thank you. We continue to look forward, a month onwards, to the launch of our India Project 2021, and are now able to say that we have raised more than needed for the work in Bihar to commence.

Was it worth the wait?

Thanks to your partnership, prayers and support for our project and our mission, it is.

By Joseph F. Kolapudi


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