Engaging with Muslims

We invite you to participate in this free, self-paced online course, Engaging with Islam.


As an introductory course to the core religious beliefs, cultural importance and practices of Islam as a religion, the following sessions below allow you a glimpse into how Muslim people live and engage as a community.


This self-paced course also includes a complimentary course outline along with each session, which includes discussion questions and guidelines, which you can utilise for personal study or group discussion.

Summary Video
Session 1 - Love Everyone
Session 3 - The Qur’an & Hadith
Session 5 - The Pillars of Islam
Session 2 - The Life Of Muhammad
Session 4 - The Basic Beliefs of Islam
Session 6 - Islam & Politics
Session 7 - Talking with Muslims
Session 9 - The Bible and Qur’an
Session 11 - The Son of God & Trinity
Session 8 - The Gospel According to Muhammad
Session 10 - Is Jesus God?
Session 12 - The Death of Jesus