Engaging with Muslims

We invite you to participate in this free, self-paced online course, Engaging with Islam.


As an introductory course to the core religious beliefs, cultural importance and practices of Islam as a religion, the following sessions below allow you a glimpse into how Muslim people live and engage as a community.


This self-paced course also includes a complimentary course outline along with each session, which includes discussion questions and guidelines, which you can utilise for personal study or group discussion.


Please utilise this resource as a way to develop your understanding of Islam as a cultural religion, to build bridges and grow friendships with your Muslim neighbours, as well as deepen your understanding of how to engage with Islam.

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Additionally, ReachAcross Program Director Joseph Kolapudi will be having a live Q&A with Sam Green in regards to his course in early May. If you have any questions for Sam in regards to his course or Islam, please submit them here. 

Summary Video
Session 1 - Love Everyone
Session 3 - The Qur’an & Hadith
Session 5 - The Pillars of Islam
Session 7 - Talking with Muslims
Session 9 - The Bible and Qur’an
Session 11 - The Son of God & Trinity
Session 2 - The Life Of Muhammad
Session 4 - The Basic Beliefs of Islam
Session 6 - Islam & Politics
Session 8 - The Gospel According to Muhammad
Session 10 - Is Jesus God?
Session 12 - The Death of Jesus